September 07, 2010

Asrock Giving a Suprise for Socket 939 Users

AsRock as a motherboard manufacturer, will launch motherboards for those who still survive in the socket 939 with a Micro ATX 939A790GMH. With the 790GX chipset, and AMD socket 939 which supports almost all AMD socket 939 processors. With four slots of DDR 400 support, this motherboard also has IGP HD3200 with DirectX 10.1.

With the HD3200 IGP solution, users can play games and watch HD Videos mild. By using the SB750, it also provided D-Sub, DVI and HDMI connector on the motherboard is ASRock 939A790GMH, Gigabit Lan, 7.1 HD Audio and eSATA are also included. For estimated price $ 145.

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  1. This board is not sold thru any USA distributors.. I had to order from Europe..