September 07, 2010

Asrock Giving a Suprise for Socket 939 Users

AsRock as a motherboard manufacturer, will launch motherboards for those who still survive in the socket 939 with a Micro ATX 939A790GMH. With the 790GX chipset, and AMD socket 939 which supports almost all AMD socket 939 processors. With four slots of DDR 400 support, this motherboard also has IGP HD3200 with DirectX 10.1.

With the HD3200 IGP solution, users can play games and watch HD Videos mild. By using the SB750, it also provided D-Sub, DVI and HDMI connector on the motherboard is ASRock 939A790GMH, Gigabit Lan, 7.1 HD Audio and eSATA are also included. For estimated price $ 145.

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Fractal Design Release PC Case Define XL

In accordance with its name, Define, XL is a version that is greater than the previous case from Fractal Design, Define R2/R3. Define XL has a myriad of interesting functions with a very stylish appearance. These case prioritizes low noise levels, without neglecting other important features such as cooling, ease of use, and expandability.

Equipped with noise absorbing material and covered by a soft foam texture, Define, XL is effective in terms of components and minimize the noise from fans who were in them. Combined with other features such as sound absorber of the cover cap on top of which there are mounted 180mm fan and silicone grommets in the drive bays, this case really excel in terms of "saving" noise.

ModuVent Feature, a unique feature inherited from the previous R2/R3 series. .Cover R2/R3 series is equipped with sound absorbent material contained in the fan holes in the Side Panel. Side Panel allows the user to set it according to his needs. If you'd like further minimize noise, users can attach pad cover this hole, and can remove it or pair the fan to maximize cooling. Despite all this feature, Define Xl also provides the possibility to make routing cables to maximize airflow over the case with a set of internal lines of the existing cable wires. With the provision of a large hole which was covered with silicon, will be able to accommodate even 24Pin cable with relief that there is room behind the motherboard plate.

This case supports the motherboard with a mini-ITX form factor, micro ATX, ATX and E-ATX, and has 10 slots that six of them facing the drive side, and four more that can be turned facing the side or rear facing.

This case has a fan controller which can be mounted on the rear and can be used to control up to three fan only with a knop. Fractal Design on purchasing packages equip it with three pieces Case Fan (2x 140mm, 1x 180mm).

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The 3 Powerful Motherboard Intel P67

At Computex 2010 ago, had been exhibited motherboards for Intel's Sandy Bridge. The motherboard is storing the-art technologies from Intel and has a great ability. Here are a few motherboards on display at the exhibition.

Items from the manufacturer named micro ATX BIOSTAR is indeed quite interesting to watch. Not only small but its form and layout of the model component including a good selection of colors (combinations of red black and white) seems to be a choice for a small chassis users. This product has been supporting the Sandy Bridge Processors Intel technology that uses Socket LGA1155. Equipped with four DDR3 memory slots that support speeds up to 2600mhz, and is expected to complement the performance of Intel Processors Sandy Bridge.
The motherboard has two PCIe slots that use VGA Crossfire mode. Equipped with a full-Solid Capacitor and 6 1 Phase PWM, which can ensure stability in the long-term use. This motherboard also provides Gigabyte Ethernet, 7.1 channel HD Audio, USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 specifications and other details will be announced next year in conjunction with the launch of Intel's Sandy Bridge.


Motherboard Biostar Taiwanese concoction is indeed very interesting to watch. The motherboard is very similar to that used TH67XE Micro ATX Form Factor. While Form Factor ATX pinned on this product as a characteristic of T-Power series.
Armed with eight two Phase PWM Full Solid Capacitor and that adds stability and performance when overclocking. This motherboard also has four DDR3 memory slots with maximum support DDR3 2600MHZ 16GB and dual-channel configuration. 8 2channel HD Audio, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0, and features that help you in Toverclocker overclock on this motherboard. With the existence of two PCIe 16x slots, will enable CrossFire configuration on this VGA.This motherboard also features BIO Biostar Remote and GPU (Green Power Utility), but unfortunately still unknown release date of this motherboard.

3. P67A-UD9 Gigabyte
Gigabyte, certainly this name is no stranger to fans of computer technology ears. As long time players in the field of motherboards, this one manufacturer has never possible in delivering the best quality and service for consumers. Items shown this time is a motherboard with Intel P67 chipset which has support LGA1155 processors. With a distinctive blue color, this motherboard come up with elegant colors are good enough to be viewed.

P67A-UD9 has four slots with support for DDR3 2600mhz dual channel technology, as well as having 24 phase PWM with high efficiency, along with four pieces 16x PCIe slots that support SLI and Crossfire. Features Ultra Durable 3 that gives the quality of resilience that is far better than the same features as the previous. These features are demonstrated with the use of fairly thick copper concentration (57g, 2oz), which is printed on the motherboard PCB.

With USB 3.0 technology and Sata 3.0, Series Six types of chipsets on the Intel P67 has a native USB 3.0 support to counter AMD first introduced this technology in its new chipsets.

High Performance and High Energy Efficiency, this feature is evidenced by the DES (Dynamic Energy Saver) to save electrical energy and power consumption. This product is expected to present early next year and is widely marketed in the year 2011.

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IDF 2010 Event : iGPU Sandy Bridge 25% faster than its predecessor

Currently Intel will hold the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2010 in San Francisco's Moscone Center, on September 13 to 15. At this event, discussing the performance of Intel graphics on a new processor will be launched in 2011.

Sandy Bridge processor with this name, will experience a significant change from its predecessor, Nehalem, especially on the side of the graphic which has increased by 25% from Westmere generation. HD Performance Graphic (1 Core/6EU) on Sandy Bridge, also may compete with the Radeon 5450, and is very good for an integrated GPU that is embedded in i7 processor series. Sandy Bridge mobile processor has two core pieces which have a total of 12 graphic EU, which makes performance possible iGPU Sandy Bridge will be more shining than the previous generation iGPU performance, which is practically very slow. Sandy Bridge capabilities, not only on the processor's clock speed, but can also make a fashion iGPU Turbo can reach 1350MHz and Clock when Turbo is on, which is very large for the size of integrated graphics. 

Apart from a better GPU performance, Intel also equip iGPU Sandy Bridge with Clear Video Technology, and support for HDMI 1.4a. Sandy Bridge will also need a new chipset and new Intel chipset that supports providing two Sandy Bridge, P67 and H67. It is very unfortunate, like the P series chipset, Intel does not provide the P67 with a display connector, considering iGPU on Sandy Bridge is Powerful (for integrated graphics chip size). H67 has only a display connector (DVI, HDMI and Display Port). However, according to a second Intel chipset has support USB3.0 with an integrated controller on the chipset. These new motherboards will be introduced to the public during CES 2010 event.

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August 22, 2010

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Release Date

Gamers who liked the PC game genre Figthing, especially 2D Fighting, will soon meet with some of the games will be played as soon as possible, because recently the Arc System Works has officially released the schedule Blazblue: Calamity Trigger, 2D Fighting game developed by them.

The developer has confirmed that the game is soon to be released on PC on August 26 next at a price of about 5.040 yen ($ 58). Blazblue: Calamity Trigger own previously only released on the Xbox 360, PSP and PS3 in July 2009. While console gamers will also get the sequel of the game entitled Blazblue: Continuum Shift will be released in North America next week.

Here's how it looks:

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